Cremete is a new and ambitious initiative, born from the integration of the efforts of different professionals, borrowed from the sectors of industry, research, health, strategic consulting, with a shared passion and objective.

give own contribution to transformation Digital and Innovation Entrepreneurial of ours country

As part of the Digital Agenda, ours reference markets I’m:

  • Public and private health
  • The environment
  • The industry

Our interlocutors:

  • Regions, local health authorities, private and diagnostic clinics
  • Provinces, Municipalities, Service Companies
  • Top managers

Regional digital agenda

Establishing the Digital Agenda of a region means defining the role of technological innovation in the strategic plan for growth that regional policy decides to attribute to the territory.

The highest regulatory and guiding reference level is certainly the European digital agenda which identifies ICT technologies as the tool through which to increase the competitiveness of a country’s economic fabric and its consequential social growth. On a national level, the Italian Digital Agenda is its declination on our country.

The three keywords of change are:

Innovation – Simplification – Digitization

and in healthcare they translate, in terms of performance, into

Effectiveness – Efficiency – Careful Use of Resources

Efficiency through PUA

The basic problem of healthcare companies is the need to recover efficiency in the use of resources and to improve the quality of the services provided. In this context, the greatest difficulty is the determination of the roles and responsibilities declined in terms of autonomy, control and evaluation.

The model proposed in the diagram indicates the key steps for achieving this efficiency.

Only by being able to unite all the actors in the process of taking charge and care of the patient, in a logic of functional interconnection, is it possible to achieve a result of efficiency, effectiveness and economy.

The welcome and accompaniment of the patient in satisfying his health or social health needs with the monitoring of the outcomes and with a planning that takes them into account allows, even in the reimbursement regime, to avoid waste by expanding services.

Professional team

Ing. Imma Orilio – CEO

Work experiences

The professional history of Eng. Imma Orilio is a natural evolution of an innate eclecticism. He was born as a researcher at the Italian Aerospace Research Center where he arrives with a cum laude degree in aeronautical engineering and specialization in composite materials and Non-Destructive Testing. After 11 years of research he embarks on a managerial career in DEMA, a company in the aeronautical production sector, and then, in 2006, he reaches a public position in a health company where he will hold the role of technological innovation expert and CIO for 10 years.

This is where his path in the field of cybersecurity begins by undertaking a project for the conversion of the company CED developed in 2009 according to the canons of privacy by design and by default, of virtualization and developing an information system that in 2013 is defined as “cloud ready” .

Today he founded the company CREMETE srls, gathering professionals of high and recognized experience who deal with strategic, organizational and technological consultancy aimed at both public and private health and industrial production environments in general.

Professional skills

During my successful professional career I have developed various skills, in particular:

  • Expert in models of systemic organization according to the models according to the theory of Deming and Goldbratt
  • Expert in the field of cyber security and risk management
  • Expert in networking, cloud and interoperability architectures
  • Very competent on regulations, purchasing methods and administrative procedures in the PA
  • Good programming skills

Studies and training

Degree in Aeronautical Engineering 110 cum laude at the University of Naples

Qualification to the profession of engineer for the civil, environmental, industrial and information engineering sections

Good knowledge of English (B1) and French (B1)

Ing. Andrea Cuccarini – CTO

Work experiences


As Technical Director of Cremete Srl I follow the company’s technical development strategies and technically coordinate implementation projects, in particular:

  • Colli Hospital – Design and technical coordination of the project for the construction of Virtual Clinics (in progress)
  • IRCCS Pascale Foundation – Definition of emergency procedures in the event of an information system block

I have previously collaborated with various companies ( P4I, Cremete, etc.) for management consultancy regarding: market positioning, process re-engineering, ICT assessment and architectures, software selection, program & project management, strategic ICT plans and business plans. I also provide consultancy for the drafting of technical offers and innovative ICT projects.

From September 2001 to September 2014 I was in KPMG as Partner responsible for System Integration activities in the market segments: Central and Peripheral Public Administration (Ministries, State Bodies, Regions, Municipalities, etc.) and for Health.

Professional skills

The relevant skills acquired allow me, even on a new complex customer, to be able to quickly:

  • understand the overall functioning of the company: strategy, organization, processes, information systems, ICT infrastructure (assessment);
  • identify areas for significant improvement and the related KPIs (Key Performance Indicators);
  • formulate a plan for their achievement (planning);
  • coordinate the implementation program / project achieving the set results.

Studies and training

Degree in Electronic Engineering (IT specialization) at Sapienza in Rome

Excellent knowledge of English (C1)

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