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CREMETE it is a new and ambitious initiative, which was born from the integration of the efforts of the various professions,
borrowed from the fields of industry, research, healthcare, strategic consulting,
with a passion and a shared goal



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Our values

  • Commitment to innovation

    Informatizziamo business processes, ensuring their simplification and improvement of the quality of life of the people using them. We support clients by following them around the course: identifying the specific needs of the context in which they operate, and to develop innovative solutions, and finally, joining the staff in the use of the new system.

  • Value creation

    Give value to the customer it means working with an open attitude and proactive, putting the circle to its know-how and expertise to generate value within your company and share it with customers, partners, and stakeholders. This for us means to create value and develop a participatory culture in which all feel they are active participants.

  • Focus on the customer

    Our goal is to support clients on their path of growth, while improving performance and developing business processes. We work with serenity and optimism, with a deep sense of responsibility in the conduct individual and team, and translating our knowledge into concrete actions to meet the performance standards required by each project.

  • Quality of resources

    The skills of each asset of our company, our employees, our external and our Partners, represent a heritage that is shared with all other members of the work team. Furthermore, our company strives daily to stimulate and enhance the growth of all the resources through training and participation in events.

  • Proven reliability

    Our customers, after various experiences are not always positive, they have found in us a reliable supplier, present, punctual, and also a partner able to understand and meet all the requirements in terms of speed in the delivery of services, the versatility of the proposed solutions, and availability in the customer's care.

  • Timeliness of intervention

    We are constantly working to make sure that every critical issues on projects or at the client to be resolved as soon as possible and in a definitive way. For this reason, our Team is prepared to take action in the immediate on any type of event that involves one of our customers.

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Relevant projects

Surgeries virtual

In the valley of the patient at the ward or at the end of the care pathway, can emerge the need to keep the patient under control through periodic visits of control, to be delivered in outpatient settings. Then...

Clinical Data Repository

The project resulted in the implementation of an innovative solution logically transverse to the Hospital Information System (SIO) that would enhance the wealth of clinical data generated by the different Departments/vertical Applications that...

The design and construction of the new SIO

In the Campus Bio-Medico University (hereinafter UCBM), we initiated a phase of the ICT assessment & planning and the redefinition of business processes as intervention in preparation for the development of the park applications...

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